Our 2019 program will focus on providing collaboration opportunities, with keynote speakers and pillar presentations followed by panel discussions by thought leaders sharing diverse perspectives. Attendees will also be asked to participate in a variety of small discussion groups.

Monday, March 4 (Day 1 )

Registration and Collaboration

Session 1

10:00 – 10:15 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Keynote: “What Is the Learning Health Community? What Is an LHS? What Would a Well-Functioning LHS Mean to Patients?”

Session 2

Pillar Presentations:
“Perceptions and Attitudes of Patients as Partners in Research: A Survey”

“Aligning Direct-to Patient Trials With Patient Advocacy Groups: Putting Patient-Centricity Into Practice”

“Patients at the Center of Research and Heath Care: An Industry Survey”

Panel Discussion: “The Bridging Collaborative and Learning Health Systems: What Could These Mean From the Patient Perspective?”

Lunch and Discussion Groups

Session 3

Learning Globally From Case Studies

  • “Development of a New Seamless Data Stream From EMR to EDC System Using SS-MIX2 Standards Applied for Observational Research in Diabetes Mellitus”
  • “The ROAD2Health Initiative and TRANSFoRm Project” (Europe, Serbia, China)
  • “Bridging the Gap – A Large, Randomized Pragmatic Trial; Overcoming Global Regulatory, Ethical and Logistical Challenges”

Panel Discussion: “Addressing Global Challenges to Bridging the Gap and Realizing Learning Health Systems”


Session 4

Panel Discussion: “Unlocking Real-World Value From EHRs: Harmonization of Common Data Models for Real-World Evidence, With an Oncology Use Case”

Session 5

Panel Discussion: “Reinventing Clinical Research and Cancer Care”

Networking Reception
6:00-7:00 PM

Tuesday, March 5 (Day 2 )

7:30-8:15 AM

Session 6

8:15 AM

Opening Remarks

Keynote: “Innovations Toward Collaboratively Bridging Clinical Research and Clinical Care”
Keynote: “Dynamic Assembly”

Pillar Presentations:
“Data Quality With Real-World Evidence”

“Study Quality With Common Protocol Templates and Standards”

Panel Discussion: “Designing Quality Into Research Studies and Learning Health Systems From the Beginning”


Session 7

Pillar Presentations:
“New Ways to Do Clinical Trials: Opportunities to Solve Big Hairy Problems”

“Rethinking Clinical Research Data From Rare Diseases to Precision Medicine”

Panel Discussion: “Rethinking Research – Roles of Technology, Sponsors, Service Providers, Investors and Other Stakeholders”

Lunch and Discussion Groups

Session 8

Pillar Presentations:
“Creating Learning Health Systems Through Structured, Digitized Care Plan Information From EHRs” (Japan)

“Bridging Partnerships Between the Department of Veteran Affairs and Industry for High Quality Clinical Trials”

“Case Study Using Mobile Technology”

Panel Discussion: “Next Steps to Bridge the Chasm”

3:45-4:00 PM

Concluding Remarks