Learning Health Systems
January 18, 2019

Learning Health Systems
(LHS) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal published in collaboration with the University of Michigan. LHS aims to advance the interdisciplinary area of learning health systems by promoting research, scholarship, and dialogue focused on theory, complex issues, conceptual syntheses, educational models, solution designs, and system evaluations designed to achieve continuous rapid improvement in health and healthcare and to transform organizational practice.

LHS research represents a new, trans-disciplinary science, and its contributors are researchers in fields such as behavioral, social, and organizational science; cognitive, information, and computer science; industrial and systems engineering, as well as other areas of expertise. Learning health systems research is focused across different levels of scale that include organizations, regional networks, and national and multi-national systems.

The journal will publish empirical and theoretical studies in areas including but not limited to learning system theory, research methodology, measurement studies, digital knowledge objects and health knowledge management, human knowledge inter- action and making knowledge actionable, public health system learning, health knowledge markets and health system incentives to learn, health and healthcare problem-solving, health profession education, innovative clinical research paradigms, public and patient engagement in learning processes, data mining and knowledge generation, and infrastructure development and application. 

LHS publishes research reports, technical reports, experience reports, briefs and commentaries.

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