We are assembling our speakers and finalizing our agenda. Be sure to check back for updated information.

The program will focus on providing collaboration opportunities, with pillar presentations by our keynote speakers, followed by panel discussions by thought leaders sharing diverse perspectives. Attendees will also be asked to participate in a variety of small discussion groups.

Our 2018 Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Agenda

In 2018, the agenda focused on three areas: regulatory standards; technology; and people and processes. More than 50 speakers addressed a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Bridging regulations to health care
  • Harmonization of common data modules to facilitate the generation of real-world evidence
  • Creating synergies between health care and clinical trial data through technology, with additional presentations discussing EHRs and AI
  • Patient perspectives on research and health care, with a keynote presentation by a cancer survivor who participated in multiple trials
  • Established bridges: health care integrations with clinical research
  • Pharma’s role in bridging clinical research and health care