Alexander Sherman is the director of the Center for Innovation and Bioinformatics at the Neurological Clinical Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital and a principal associate in neurology at Harvard Medical School. The focus of Sherman’s work and research is conception, design, development of technology and infrastructure for collaborative clinical research, and design and optimization of disease-specific data commons. Other areas of interest are creation and management of disease-specific research networks, benefits of patient-centric research, and incentives for research collaborations.

Sherman conceived and was instrumental in the design, development, and adoption by the international research community of NeuroBANK™, an accelerated clinical research platform; server for unique patient identification across the research continuum; and ALSBank, a virtually distributed biorepository platform utilized by numerous researchers and institutions. Sherman’s team was responsible for the design and implementation of the PRO-ACT project that created the largest clinical dataset in ALS (10,700+ subjects) and is the de facto reference dataset in ALS research. Sherman received his master’s degree in nuclear engineering at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute and graduated from a doctorate program at the National Laboratory for Power Research.

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